PREAMBLE: Our sales, deliveries and services are all governed by the present general terms and conditions of sale which shall prevail over the terms and conditions of purchasers, notwithstanding formal written derogation issued by ourselves.


All of our goods are covered by 2 years warranty. They may be exchanged in the event of any recognised manufacturing defect which is not due to improper use of the product.


Our goods are shipped at the risk and perils of the recipient, regardless of the shipment method used.


No delay in the performance of an order may lead to any compensation whatsoever.


Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary, our prices shall be understood as EX WORKS.


Unless stipulated otherwise in our order confirmations, our goods are payable in Euro by bank transfer. The Buyer will only be relieved of its obligations upon receipt of the payment by our bank. Warning, we only pay our bank fees.


For special orders, cancellation shall not be permitted
during manufacture.


In the event of default in payment as at the due date agreed between the parties and indicated on the invoice, the
creditor shall be entitled to request payment of the entire balance remaining due following issue of a notice to pay sent by recorded letter.


It is expressly agreed that the debtor should additionally pay all fees and interest amounts.


In the event of any dispute FREJUS Court shall hold sole and exclusive jurisdictional competence.


PAYMENT DELAY: Any amount which is unpaid at the due date shall lead to payment by the client of penalty amounts set at three times the legal interest rate. These penalties shall be automatically payable. Pursuant to articles 441-6 and D 441-5c. com., any payment delay shall automatically lead, in addition to penalties, to the obligation for the debtor to pay compensation of 40 Euros for recovery fees.


— No discount is granted for early payment.


RESERVATION OF OWNERSHIP: Pursuant to law no. 80-335 of 12 May 1980, delivered goods shall remain the

property of the seller until full receipt of the price invoiced