INIBORN, a compact and discreet socket block which will give you complete functionality thanks to its 16 A socket, plus a USB-A and a USB-C, the latter which will become essential in your living space.

Another strong point of this socket block: no need for drilling in the support (worktop, furniture side, etc.)

Indeed, easy to install thanks to its invisible screw fixing, it clips into a niche, under a tall piece of furniture or worktop or even on the side of the piece of furniture without taking up space in the position you want.

Depending on the trend of your space, we offer this socket block in 3 finishes, white and matte black or brushed stainless steel.

Embrace it!

NB: Find all its technical aspects in the Bloc Prizes Universe


led spotlight

The HALO LED spotlight is a simple decorative solution, guaranteed.

Light up your bookcase backgrounds to highlight its content.

The peripheral lighting of the HALO is directed by a removable, decorative, metal face in matte black or matte white.

Feel free to customize this front face to make all your projects unique.


On kitchen island

Why should a heating lamp be reserved only for culinary professions ?

We imagined it for you and your interior : the SOLAR! 

In addition to all its assets (see previous inspiration), the Solar can find its place above your kitchen island to keep your dishes warm while you finish the aperitif. 

You’ll love living with it.




Heating lamp

The SOLAR heating lamp can be installed just like any other lamp in your kitchen.


Its height is adjustable on about 80cm which helps keep food warm and also melt butter, chocolate etc.


Its aluminum reflector is treated with thermochromic paint that changes from black to red when the temperature rises.

It is safe to use on your worktop, even laminated. 


The Solar will become an essential element in your kitchen for culinary use. So don’t wait and make the first step!




The Ring and the Wave are two solutions to optimize your workspace layout.

Working at home is not always obvious… There is often a lack of space, equipment or lighting. 

The Ring will allow you to simultaneously connect a computer and a telephone thanks to its socket and USB. 

It can be installed vertically or horizontally: its cover is equipped with a damping system for the opening and closing. 

Discreet and elegant, it can be easily integrated in your workspace. 

As for the LED ruler light “Wave”, its beautiful neutral white light is made thanks to its design that was studied to avoid any glare with its 90°. 

All you have to do is adapt your home for better working conditions. 


Eight, Cizo and Mercury are 3 innovative and functional sockets ideal for coworking spaces. 


Today more and more businesses decide to change their working environments.  The electrical installation in these places are important to always stay connected. 


The Eight for example, with its socket and USB version allows you to plug in simultaneously a computer and a mobile phone or a tablet. 

It is easily installed thanks to its small size, horizontally or vertically. 

Because it has a sober and elegant appearance, it can be naturally integrated anywhere in a work space. 


As for the Cizo, it is fun and innovative thanks to its assisted opening system.  It has 2 sockets and 2 USB. We never have too many sockets to work. 


And finally the Mercury. A suspension combining socket and LED lighting. 

The little extra on this product is the light intensity dimmer. It will provide a pleasant working atmosphere. 


In the living room

Eight, a playful and discreet socket.


We are always short on outlets in our home and our needs grow more and more… Let’s be smart.

The living room is a place to live and share with our family and friends.

We are often many wanting to plug our electronics at the same time. So SFL is giving a helping hand.

With its sober and elegant design it can fit in your TV cabinet for example, without cluttering it up thanks to its reduced depth of 45,7mm.

Easy to install: a simple push on the center of the cover for it to rotate and open. It gives you access to 2 sockets or 1 socket and 1 USB.

Get inspired and choose your finishing: brushed chrome, matte black, matte white or black chrome.


NB : Find all its technical aspects in the sockets environment.




Multi position socket

BORN, a versatile socket with an ergonomic and modern design.


More and more of you are working at home so equip yourself and optimize your time! We often say that well-being is synonymous with productivity.

Thanks to its multiple and centralized connections (1 16A socket + 2 6A sockets + 2 USB 5V 2A) the BORN allows you to plug simultaneously different devices (a lamp, a smartphone, a tablet, a computer).

Easy to install thanks to its invisible screw fixing, it clips into a niche without cluttering up your workspace in the position you want.

Now it’s up to you! Choose your finishing: brushed chrome or matte black?

And above all, make good use of it!


NB : Find all its technical aspects in the sockets environment.




In the kitchen

Previously we presented to you our new project Mercury integrated in a living room for a warm atmosphere.

This suspended light and socket will also bring function to your kitchen.

It will allows you, thanks to its 16A socket and 6W LED light to plug in your electrical appliances while being lit. Or to plug your smartphone or tablet to not lose your recipe!

We offer you different finishings that can match your kitchen furniture (matte black, black chrome, matte copper).


NB : Find all its technical aspects in the sockets environment.




Ring is a discreet and refined socket

Did you already have the idea to install it in furniture? Yes, it’s all possible!

Originally made to be installed in a kitchen worktop or desktop, the RING can be as easily installed in furniture.

And why not at your entrance?

Thanks to its 16A socket and USB charger, different options are available to you when you get home:

-charge your phone or tablet

-plug in your light for a warmer atmosphere

-and even vacuum

You just had to think about it!

You just have to choose your finishing… brushed chrome, matte black, white matte or black chrome?


NB : You can find all the technical aspects in the Our Environments / Sockets menu




In the living room

Mercury, a new concept that can go with any room in your home.

Imagine yourself comfortably seated on your couch…

By day or by night, Mercury, a suspended socket (which also has a 6W LED lighting) will make your life much easier.

It has a 16A socket to plug in your phone or tablet to stay connected while you read for example.

And depending on your mood you can dim the light intensity thanks to its touch switch.

All you have left to do is choose your finishing… So matte black, black chrome or matte copper ?

NB : You can find all the technical aspects in the OUR ENVIRONMENTS / SOCKETS menu




Automatick is an elegant Hi-Tech multi-socket which allows you to always be connected!

This built-in product is equipped with two 16A sockets, two 2A USB ports and also a QI-certified induction charger.

It was designed with a silent motorised opening / closing system that is safe to use thanks to its anti-pinch technology.

The product is IP44 rated when closed.

Its LED light will tell you when a device is being charged.

Originally conceived for the kitchen, Automatick may also be installed elsewhere, for example next to your bed. Sweet dreams!


NB : Find all its technical aspects in the sockets environment.