Ring is a discreet and refined socket

Did you already have the idea to install it in furniture? Yes, it’s all possible!

Originally made to be installed in a kitchen worktop or desktop, the RING can be as easily installed in furniture.

And why not at your entrance?

Thanks to its 16A socket and USB charger, different options are available to you when you get home:

-charge your phone or tablet

-plug in your light for a warmer atmosphere

-and even vacuum


You just had to think about it!

You just have to choose your finishing… brushed chrome, matte black, white matte or black chrome?


NB : You can find all the technical aspects in the Our Environments / Sockets menu


Mercury, a new concept that can go with any room in your home.

Imagine yourself comfortably seated on your couch…

By day or by night, Mercury, a suspended socket (which also has a 6W LED lighting) will make your life much easier.

It has a 16A socket to plug in your phone or tablet to stay connected while you read for example.

And depending on your mood you can dim the light intensity thanks to its touch switch.


All you have left to do is choose your finishing… So matte black, black chrome or matte copper ?


NB : You can find all the technical aspects in the OUR ENVIRONMENTS / SOCKETS menu


Automatick is an elegant Hi-Tech multi-socket which allows you to always be connected!

This built-in product is equipped with two 16A sockets, two 2A USB ports and also a QI-certified induction charger.

It was designed with a silent motorised opening / closing system that is safe to use thanks to its anti-pinch technology.

The product is IP44 rated when closed.

Its LED light will tell you when a device is being charged.

Originally conceived for the kitchen, Automatick may also be installed elsewhere, for example next to your bed. Sweet dreams!