24 February 2021
2021 catalog
Our new catalog is available for download in the DOCUMENTATION section.  Also discover it in video on our Youtube channel!  You will find socket solutions for worktops, furniture and ceilings, to be installed on a wall or built-in. 100% SFL design
16 February 2021
Our illuminating mirrors to discover
Four of our most beautiful mirrors presented by the team on video.
13 January 2021
Video presentation
SFL presents to you how the company works through all of its expertises. Click here !
25 January 2021
LED lighting ''Insert''
Insert is a discreet and easy to install LED profile
Want to light a worktop discreetly and efficiently at the same time? Now it is possible thanks to a solution made by SFL last year: the LED profile Insert. It is inserted, like its name indicates, easily and discreetly under furniture. It is plugged and installed easily while providing a beautiful light. Insert is a modern, discreet, practical and efficient profile. For proof: its extra flat straight shape which is modern and shifted (20 x 500 x 40,5mm), its low consumption 5W LED light (250 lumens and 4000K color temperature) with a 90° beam, its simple fixing by screws and invisible clips and
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21 December 2020
Follow us on YouTube !
Discover our channel. As you know innovation is at the heart of our approach to designing and launching products. For SFL it is essential to develop layout solutions that are both beautiful and practical. This brings you real added value in your projects. To better support you in discovering these products, we have decided to complete the various tools that we put at your disposal (catalog, website,…) with a dedicated youtube channel completely free. You can discover it here: Launched in June 2020,
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NEW : UK Socket
11 December 2020
NEW : UK Socket
Our socket range MERCURY, AUTOMATICK and BRICK were planned to integrate the UK socket. If you have a project or market that needs this socket, please contact us to know their availability.
NEW : UK Socket