The EPREL register
10 July 2024
The EPREL register
SFL is in compliance
Energy efficiency is a strategic priority for the European Union. Since January 2019, legislation has required market developers to register the data of their electrical appliances in the European Product Energy Labeling Register. SFL is in compliance with these regulations: all light sources of its lighting are listed in this register and accessible to the general public to “enlighten” their choice when purchasing a luminaire. Access to official website 
The EPREL register
22 November 2023
On video
It was during its 9th participation at the SICAM show in Italy that SFL was able to unveil its new products in the socket range. Miniborn is now adorned with a total black look, Infini is equipped with a leather-look flap for chic interiors, and USB-C fits into the famous EIGHT sockets.
16 October 2023
Socket Catalog 2024
Our best sockets solutions in the 2023-2024 edition of our catalog in 3 languages: French, English and Italian. Download here
20 October 2023
Built-in socket
Particularly suitable for intensive use, the Infini socket block is available in a 2-socket, or 1-socket version accompanied by a USB-A + USB-C module. The black leather look flap is an option for a chic look. Its plus: the power cable is easily replaceable to be able to adjust its length to the project.
28 November 2022
news in video
Presented at SICAM 2022
Do you know Halo decorative lighting? It is presented to you in this video, as are 4 new sockets. The new USB type C standard is entering our range of sockets on the INFINI and MINIBORN models. The DOT and MINIBRICK socket blocks, on the other hand, are even more compact solutions.
27 July 2022
New finishes:
matt gold and matt copper
Our emblematic Eight and Ring sockets are adorned with new trendy finishes. Quitterie and Sonia reveal them to you on video!