Eurobois 2020
20 January 2020
Eurobois 2020
February 4-7, 2020 Eurexpo Lyon

MSA-SFL: creation at the service of lighting, sockets and furniture equipment, kitchens and bathrooms.

It’s on a 42 square meter area in the heart of the fittings space that MSA (creator and distributor of accessories for the kitchen and bathroom for 25 years) and SFL (designer of lighting and socket solutions) will present their latest developments from the design office. These two companies that work hand in hand to imagine new practical and aesthetic products strive to put the user at the center of the product thought process.

The outfitters, kitchen specialists and carpenters can discover on the stand:

  • The new suspension Mercury, a lamp with adjustable light intensity that cleverly hides inside it’s round and simple design a socket. The product was developed to bring an electrical outlet in spaces that are not equipped. It can be easily be installed above a worktop, a reception desk or in the office at a low cost.


  • A support unit presents the new invisible profile for tablets of 18, 19 and 20mm thicknesses and the aesthetic and effective Strong profile for loads up to 400 kg.


  • MSA’s best seller the Eight socket, a slim builtin double socket for the worktop with a round cover that you push to open and close; the Ring, a simple socket with a flush cover; the retractable Brick socket with USB with two positions; and the compact Born with 5 sockets.


  • The lighting innovations like the LED ruler light Wave with infrared sensor and the latest creation presented for the first time at Eurobois, the Insert!


  • The software partnership of CFAO with the company 2020 who incorporates SFL’s and MSA’s products in their 3D suite 2020CAD.


Quality products that are beautiful and functional, created with passion and talent from the experience of MSA and SFL’s teams who constantly listen to professionals needs. The socket solutions adapt to French, German, Swiss and English sockets and meet all applicable European standards.

Because the opinion of professionals is essential to MSA and SFL, new product ideas will be presented to the visitors to get their feedback.

Get lucky and win with a short visit to the wheel of luck.