24 November 2020

The blog Solutions-agencement (layout solutions) is held by the group of original equipment manufacturers of the Ameublement Français. It is destined for interior architects and designers looking for inspirations and solutions for their projects.


Founded in 2011, the OEM of the Ameublement Français is made up of 17 accessory suppliers and solutions for furniture and layout. The group represents all the professions and products of this sector: hinges, lights, sockets, panels, lifting jacks, software, adhesives, manufacturing machines. These are essential companies for the world of interior design: by innovating they open new possibilities in terms of applications and uses. For example: a new opening system with damper for drawer and the whole kitchen is transformed. A new CNC machine and materials take new forms. A new lighter panel and overhead structures can be designed.


It’s applications and uses that the group decided to highlight by creating two years ago, the blog ‘solutions-agencement’. You can find all kinds of information destined for contractors: exemplary sites with details of the products used, testimonials, innovative projects launched by the group, color and material trends, new products… The internet site also makes it easy to find information concerning the entire Ameublement Français site to which they are attached, as well as downloading files and documents useful for the profession. At the moment for example, the co-home files are available to users.


Established in 2019, co-home is a prospective and modular apartment. It presents clever solutions imagined by the manufacturers, member of the group. You can transform and modulate an interior according your needs. A topical news related to the lessons that we have learned about our interiors after two months of confinement. Co-home is also a reflection of a changing world : the spaces.


Alice Heras